February 21, 2021

5 Health Benefits of A Clean Home

Everyone knows that you should keep your Pittsburgh home clean. Would you be surprised to discover that there are objective health benefits to living in a clean, sanitary, and visually orderly home?

Adulting is hard enough as it is. For most of us, our moms and dads probably made us clean our rooms (and toilet, and maybe even a cat litter box) growing up, as might their parents before them. What do we do when external motivation is nowhere to be found?

To answer that question, we'll begin by asking whether it even matters:

So, how important is a clean house?

To answer this new question, we will share a few of the ways in which a clean home can benefit the health of you and your family - ways that you might not expect.

Benefit # 1: A Clean Bedroom Is Scientifically Proven To Improve Sleep

Having trouble catching those dear zzz's? You are not alone.

A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation found that 45 percent of Americans cannot sleep well. With our ongoing lifestyle, it's amazing that we all don't go to bed and simply stay awake talking and scrolling until the morning.

The fact is, our minds are full, and of course, we think of all the things left unattended as we try to sleep, including all the dirt around us in our bedrooms.

The National Sleep Foundation is also conducting research that clearly shows that those with clean sheets and clean rooms have more time to sleep. Clean house, pure mind!

Benefit # 2: A Clean, Uncluttered Environment Improves Mental Health...

And can help ease and soothe a range of mental health struggles, including anxiety, depression, stress, and general distraction.

When significant parts of your living area are covered with clutter, the laundry is in an unfamiliar state - clean? dirty? - school kids' papers, dirty cups, and who knows what's underneath and dust, bruised, animal hair…

It is stressful and can actually contribute to depression, anxiety, stress, and habitual procrastination. As time goes on, parts of our awareness become inundated from the huge mess. All it sees is the unwashed dirt, the unfinished piles, leaving part of your brain scratching at the thought of that unfinished business. Princeton University research has concluded that the clutter may actually irritate the visual cortex, making it more difficult to process the work being done.

Worst of all, living in filth is demoralizing and erodes our sense of self-confidence. It's shameful having others over when your space is filthy.

That would not be the only study showing the effects of stress on mental health. Numerous psychology studies show that a clean, sanitary environment can help us to focus better and feel calmer, less stressed, and less anxious in general.

Benefits # 3: A Clean Home Promotes Healthy Food Choices

Why is cleaning necessary? Here is another reason: It has been well-established that overcrowded, dirty, and even smelly places can cause anxiety and depression. And it is no secret that many of us tend to choose the wrong foods when we are depressed.

If you look at it that way, it is easy to see the opposite, that a clean and tidy home can lead you to better eating habits and a healthier general lifestyle.

Science supports this conclusion. A 2010 study published in the journal Psychological Science found that a more organized environment encourages people to make healthy food choices.

The kitchen is horrible, ugly, and unpleasant to cook or eat in, making it tempting to spend a lot of money eating out (which doesn't help the waist!). Those with clean and tidy kitchens are more likely to have healthy food.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it adds up quickly. The average fast-food contains about 1,800 calories, whereas home-cooked dinners come in at about 550 calories.

Benefit # 4: A Clean Home Can Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Even if you suffer from certain external allergens like pollen, keeping your home clean can significantly reduce symptoms of "internal" allergies such as pet dander and hair loss.

External allergens such as pollen and fungi can be traced to the feet and clothing, meaning they accumulate indoors when we don't clean. If left untreated, dust, animal hair, and other diseases can cause damage your nose, eyes, and sinuses. This leaves many people feeling foggy, itchy, and red-eyed.

Keeping a home clean and using a powerful HEPA filter helps combat mold growth, especially in the toilet. Keeping the dust in the airless by removing a damp cloth (unlike dry cloth, which will simply send dust flying around) helps. Finally, frequent changing of bedsheets and window cleaning can greatly reduce your symptoms of allergies.

Benefit # 5: A Clean Homes Saves Money

Why is it important to have a clean home? Here's another plausible argument: Living on top of regular cleaning activities and keeping your yard clean can save you money.

If you keep your home clean all the time, you will not need a lot of expensive, extra cleaning products. Why? Because dirt and grime are not allowed to be built to the point that may require additional cleaning power.

Second, areas may be damaged if they are smeared with dirt and grime. The dirt of wood or metal is like sandpaper when people walk on it, scratching and weakening the finish, making it look old in front of it. Soap and hard water can damage toilets. Keeping the floor, counters, and toilets clean will help them to look good for a long time.

Third, keeping the equipment clean will help them function properly and last longer, saving thousands of them.

Keeping it organized can save you money as well. How many times have you bought something new because you didn't find it in your home, only to wake up a few days later with an unexpected key?

Having a clean, well-maintained space can have many benefits, from killing and eliminating germs to helping you feel happy and free from stress. Unfortunately, for many people here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and around the world, establishing a clean home and taking the time to maintain it can be just as stressful as a damaged one.

Hiring a house cleaning service can give you the best of both worlds—a clean and healthy environment without the pressure of having time to clean yourself.

Bellotti Home Cleaning Services provides affordable, high-quality cleaning services in Pittsburgh and surrounding neighborhoods. Whether you want a thorough cleanup to give you a fresh start on your own or you're ready to take the plunge and keep your space shining with a regular maintenance cleanup, we've got you covered.

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