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Frequently asked questions.

Why should I trust Bellotti Home Cleaning Services?

Bellotti Cleaning has 30 years in the business and is fully bonded and insured. All employees are vetted, trained, and guarantee the quality of their work.

Who does Bellotti Cleaning hire?

Bellotti Cleaning hires hard working self-starters who excel at working independently, managing their own time, and being flexible enough to work on collaborative team jobs.

Is it easy to reschedule?

Sometimes plans change, and we know what it's like when the unexpected occurs. We just ask that you give 48 hours notice to the best of your ability. Rescheduling is as easy as calling or sending and email.

How does our relationship work?

Your cleaning professional shows up on scheduled cleaning days. You can let them in when they arrive, or you can give us instructions ahead of time so they can let themselves in. Our cleaners are pro's at being mindful and staying out of the way. You're always billed after service.

How should I prepare for cleaning?

The best thing you can do to prepare to clean is to move clothing, shoes, toys, and other items off of the floor so your cleaning tech can clean your entire floor. The same goes for items on counter-tops and tables, like mail, keys, dishes, etc..

Can I be home during cleaning?

You sure can. It's your home. Our technicians are pro's at staying out of your way and being mindful while they clean.

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